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Cinque Terre - the landscape from the mediterranean picture book

view to the french coast About 80 Km south of Genova (hometown of Cristopher Columbus), a the Ligurian Riviera, in the little town Levanto the antique culture landscape of Cinque Terre is starting. In the meantime well known all over the world this part of the italian coast could preserve their unique architectural identity: since centuries human beeings were forming a landscape on a tiny strip beween the sea and an the rocky mountains of the Apennin so intensively that they are creating an architectual landscape - the National Park and world heritage Cinque Terre. Until the Sixties the five "Erths"(Cinque Terre) Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola und Riomaggiore had no access by car. Only by boat or by walking with a mule, you could reach this isolated little world. Later by train - but without a coast road. What a luck! So You will not find concrete Hotelbuildings and skycrapers but houses with tiny outlines and many levels sticked on the rocky walls high over the sea. Also our house is embedded in tradional ligurian ensemble, surrounded by wine- olive-and fruit terraces where are the cinque terre
Our holiday house hillsite position on the Apennin Our holiday house hillsite position on the Apennin Our holiday house dinner on the balkony

Our house lays in Legnaro, a small village belonging to the city of Levanto al Mare (Province La Spezia, region Liguria /Levante), the house is imbedded in an ensemble of the tradtional architekture: a romantic ligurian mountain village above the street to Monterosso, with a overwelming view on the ligrurian sea, the valley of Levanto and on the Cinque Terre national parc and the promontory Punte Mesco. It is the last house in the village, so that the balcony/terrace is protected from views an You may have an good view on olive, wine, lemon trees which are growing on stone wall terraces directly around our house. The position of this house can be discribed without exeggeration as unique. Small bars restaurants of all categories, romantic harbours,wide beach,clean water, all connected with the net of hiking trails between heaven and see our house is a ideal starting point for fordiscovering the secrets of Cinque Terre.
Our holiday house hillsite position on the Apennin
Blickauf Levanto       
Old town of Levanto
The mild climate let grow a abundant vegetation: Machia, holm oaks, lemmons, oranges, olives, all type of vegetables- and pines, and it also invites You for hiking tours not only in summer but also in wintertime. The whole year You can enjoy the ligurian cuisine in Lavanto and the towns arround. It is not only the well known pesto, which makes the typical cuisine here so famous. Its also the veriety which arises from the vicinity of mountains and sea. Even Italians sometimes don't know the ligurian specialties. And Levanto offers a lot. It is a town with a normal daily life, not only orientated towards tourismus, which is in contrary to rest of the Cinque Terre villages, which are somtimes like a crowded museum.
landing stage in Levanto  landing stage in Levanto

for boats going along the cinque terre coast

especially clean water, landing stage for the boats which go along the ligurian coast, marina, diving, sailing,fishing, boat- bike- surf- and scooter rental, mountain biking, biking along the coast trough the old train tunnel,daily market, great number of supermarktes, specialty and wine shops, bakeries,Focaccia, Pasta und Pizza, Restaurants(best: Osteria Tumelin) und Bars (best: Barolino) in all categories, coffee houses (best: Bianchi), cinemas, beach bars and "bagni" where You can rent umbrellas and deckchairs, beauty centers, shops for clothes and shoes, big parking at the beach - many of this you don't have, when you stay in Vernazza or one of the other villages.
Zucchiniflowers on the market ready to stuffMarinellas Fischstand

Mariella's Fishshop on the daily market in Levanto

public pool, Tennis- and Sportsground and a allseason market, where You can buy all these wonderful products cooking enthusiasts want to use: from acciughe to zucchiniflowers and from zucca to anrancia.
By trainl (line Genova - La Spezia) you reach all Cinque Terre villages and most of the towns allong the ligurian coast very comfortable, cheap and quick (much quicker than ba car) So You have the possibility to interupt Your hiking and/or to go back to Levanto easily. The trains go every 20 minutes and need 5 minutes from Levanto to Monterosso (by car 25 min and You need a parking). The Nationalpark of Cinque Terre costs money.So You have to pay a entrance fee. There are also ticket-combinations for trains/buses/elevators and hiking, per day/ per familiy aso. If You only want to visit on of the villages You don't need a ticket!! In Levanto is a parking at the trainstation In Levanto also long distance trains((Turin,Genova, Milano) and internatiional have a stop. You reach it within 5 minutes from our house. From our holidayhouse Cinque Terre to the station, the beach and the city of Levanto exists a city bus - but not very often.
railwayline conecting Cinque Terre

Sightseeing trips in one of the most beautiful coast in Europe  

Sonnenuntergang über der Cote Azur
Of what avail is the best beach if there is nothing else to do?

From our holiday home in Levanto You have a great choice!! By Train and car You can visit all towns at the ligurian coast by boat You can go south to Lerici, La Spezia, Portovenere and the Cinque Terre, north up to Portofino. You can visit the within one hour by car Lucca, the tower of Pisa, the marbel quarries of Carrara, La Spezia and Genova.

Harbour of Vernazza

Ridgeway from Riomaggiore to Portovenere

And a 5 hour ridgeway pasing the hanging garden of Schiara/Tramonti 400 m over the sea to Portovenere
           To La Spezia, interesting seaport with museum of modern arts - art museum, archilogical museum and a marine museum which has a great collection abou early submarines in the arsenal - built by Napoleon. Good shoping possibilities and many traditional restaurants (35 min. by train)
Mörser aus Carraramarmor

Marbel mortars are popular souvenirs from the most famous quarries in the world, where Michelangelo selected his statuarymarbel.

To the marbel quarries in Carrara (35 Min. by car), biking on the townwall of Lucca (60 Min. by car) or Pisa (50 min. by car) . Even as starting point for further excursions in Northwest Italy (Mailano, Turino, Florence)our holiday house Cinque Terre is practical.

The citywall of Lucca serves nowadays als contemplative bike path

through the valley of the river Vara (Val di Vara viaVarese Ligure to the murder monks on the 1400 m high ridge of the Apennine Mountains or to the skiing center
Stefano di Aveto.

castle St.Stefano di Aveto high up in the Apennine Mountains St. Stefano  

Shoping in Chiavari
shoping in Chiavari Or to the luxary village
to the splendidRapallo , for (antique) shoping and dining toChiavari
or picturesce Camogli with its "skyscrapers"
view from the Villa Groce Genua Villa Groce
or 45 min. by car to Genua with its extrordinary art museums,the biggest middle age district in Europe,its renaisance palaces, where Christoper Columbus was born. The inhabitants need elevators to get from one district to another - so steep it is located beween the sea and the mountains.
sharks in a huge aquarium, old Porto Antico, biggest port of Italy, very impressive Renaisance- architecture in Citta Ideale, importantartgaleries, by Renzo Piano restored Opera and extremly goog shoping possibilities in the Via XX. September.
Spectacular sea view from our holiday home Cinque Terre above Levanto
Our holiday home Cinque Terre lays at the edge of a romantic typical ligurian mountain village 2.5 km above the town of Levanto(SP). 60 inhabitants are living here who are gathering at weekend in a little bar beyond the church. The former house of an olive farmer is about 150 years old an is situated in the lower part of the village Legnaro, which has kept its typical ligurian appearance. The holiday home cinque terre is harmonically integrated is this traditional ensemble without concrete buildings.

position of our house in Legnaro on google maps Googlemaps

mountain village
Steilhänge mit Oliven umgeben unser Haus For long jears our house was a ruin. It was renovated in the seventies according to the rule of landscape protection. Natural materials were used: Chalk, wood, tiles,slate,iron and natural rock. We equipped the house not exklusive but cosy with new middeleuropean beds, complete country kitchen with all You need for cooking, white dishes, kitchenmashine, slicer, fridge, washingmashine,dish washer, heating, TV Sat,HIFI,library,new bath with shower and bidet. Our holiday home is well equipped with taste and has personality. We take care on our house, because it is our family's house - where we make our own vacation. It is not an agency object!

On the  ground floor You will find an entrance romm with wardrobe. A new bathroom with modern italian sanitary ware mit shower, toilette and bidet. The bathroom was completly renovated 2014

Then follows the heatable livingroom with a comfortable couch and two seats ´ SAT TV ASTRA and a library of italian authors.

new modern bathroom<

TV-room with SAT  

liebevolle Ausstattung gute Küchengeräte ordentliches Geschirr

trough a door you get into the kitchen.If You like to cook You are right here. metanstove mit bakingoven, fridge, a new laundry and dishwasher big desktop, complete cooking tools, good white dishes, good glassware, plates and cups,pots and pans, breadbox, slicer, cooking mashine aso....and a extendidle wooden kitchentable.

complete rennovated country kitchen with all chefs need!

Buchentisch in unserer Küche

fish in holidayhome cinque terre OlivenhainOlivenhain

After the kitchen follows the terrace with a spectacular sea view over the Ligurian Sea, follow the iluminated ships going to Genova with the french/italian Alps in the background. Sometims the secene will be completed by the numeroes lamps of the fisherman in the bay of Levanto. view to the alps and the sea
view to the alps and the sea In the background You can see the lights of   San Remo on the othe side of the golf of Genova Cote Azur and costa ponente. Of course You can see the alps only with clear weather.From the hiking trails above our house and in the national Park cinque terre You can often see the islands Elba and Corse
Direktly under der terrace die You can see the terraces made from rocks with olive- vine- lemmon- orange- khaki- and medlartrees. terrace furniture and grill and a blind are avaible Terrasse am Steilhang
Khaki- und Olivetrees in front of our terrace

Treppe zum ersten Stock over this old stair case you reach the upper part of the house

a big livingroom and 2 little sleeping rooms

oberer Aufenthaltsraum A strong table,two seats,

and a endendible doublesleep couch create flexibility

In  in this room is also an armoire an the ladder to the loftbed.

Hochbett On the loftbed there is again a doublesleep, which especialy children prefair.
Lattoflexroste und Qualitätsmatratze from the upper sleeping- and living room two sleeping go off:
 one bigger sleeping room with a double slepp and a good duckboard and new mattress

and a small collection of coffee table books

kl Schlafzimmer getr. Betten and a very small slepping room with with two single sleeps in total we provide You with 8 sleeps in 3 rooms, 4 in the upper big living/sleepingroom(2 in the loftbed and 2 in exdendible couch). But an allocation with 8 persons is not possible, beacause the layout of the house is not siutable. The sleeps serve more a single person.
klicken on the layout for the house!
Quality of water: servral indepentend oranisations make researches on the water quality of Italian beaches. In Levanto beach is always qualified as very good(in controdiction to other places) The beaches at the cliff linein the cinque Terre are very small. Only Monterosso (with sand)and Levanto have bigger ones. Stran in Levanto
Levanto has a big beach and good surfing conditionsbeach of Levanto SYou drive to the beach of Levanto 5 minutes from our holiday home cinque Terre by ca. At the beach is a big parking! You can also use a urban bus. Monterosso ist about 15 minutes from our house, but nearly no parking possibilites in the summer. You can use the train from Levanto to Monterosso which needs 5 minutes.
"free beaches" in the basic meaning don't exist in the Cinque Terre. The are only 2 places where You have to descend a dangerous way to the coast between the villages. But each comunity has a "Spiaggia Libera", where You don't have to pay an entrance fee. The entrance fee of the bagni is for an umbrella an a deckchair and the place they are located.You can take a bath in the sea evrywhere also in front of the "Bagni", in Levanto is ca. 40% "free".

bagno in Levanto
the colours of Liguria glow also in "our" littel village Legnaro - above Levanto between sea and the hillslopes of the apennine. You can also walk to Levanto which is a way of 35 min. and back it is very steep! Or You can take the urban bus or a taxi or a bike. You can reach the beach, shops, restaurants and bars, petrol station, the whole infrastrukture of a little town, the international train station of Levanto within 5 min. And the motorway Genova- Livorno is only 15 km away from our house. The international airports Genova or Pisa You reach within one hour. If You stay in Corniglia or one of the other villages you have to go 35 to reach a petrol station (in Levanto) Our house in Levanto is the better way to discover the cinque Terre.

left: romantic stepway to our house

right: mediterranian light let the houses glow

Haus in unserem Bergdorf

Importantwith Your car - even if it is a very small car(only the smallest version of APE can do this) You cannot reach our holiday home directly. From the parking to the house to the house leads a 50m way.You have to transport Your luggage about 50 meters on a well lit stairway from the sstreet to the house. Handcapped persons cannot use this way!! Heavy flight cases you can transport down from the top of the village with a scart


Outside the german, austrian and swiss schoolholidays 100 Euro/day (up to 4 Persons), May June/September 120,--Euro/ day (up to 4 Persons), July/August an during all german, austrian and swiss schoolholidays Eastern/Christmas/ 120,- Euro/day (up to 4 persons) Each further person 10 Euro/day (kids under 12 free)maximum Persons: 6 . 15 Euro /week for rare water natural gas and electricity according to consumption for the cost price (15 Euro Deposit/per week) and final cleaning Euro 40,- to pay in Levanto. Blanketts and pillows you have to bring wth you. But You can also rent it.

klick here for vacancies .

Reservation It You want to reserve a certain date please contact me immidiatly! I send a contract You underwrite it and send it back 50 % of the price has to be paid when You sign the contract The rest has to be paid 4 Weeks before arrival. After full payment i send the key, an explanation of the house tecnique an the discription of the way You have to pay 40 Euro for final cleaning in the house. consumption of natural gas, electricity and water according to the counter. We cannot accept reservations without payment. If You cancel the booking 4 weeks before You get back money.

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view from our house to Riviera Ponente/Cote d' Azur and the alps.

position of the house on Googlemaps


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